UHT Microfiltered Milk

UHT Microfiltered Milk

With this new packaging size, Sterilgarda helps you to avoid waste consuming only what you need. The handy 500 ml size, is the ideal ally for the modern families always looking for small and practical sizes. The screwcap and Edge shape make the product a great alternative for your daily break. All this without losing the natural, delicious flavour of the milk, guaranteed by our microfiltration process. Our milk is 100% Italian and comes from certified farms.

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Product information:

500ml Brik Tetra Pak "Edge" with screw cap

EAN Code: 8002795000045

Ingredients: Milk


The Microfiltration is a physical process through which the biological impurities are removed from the milk, without reducing its nutritional value and organoleptic features. Afterwards, the milk is heat treated in a delicate way. 100% ltalian milk. Product is meant for all people, according to their health conditions.

Average nutritional values ​​for 100ml of product

Energy48 kcal - 200 kJ
Fat1,6 g
of which saturates1,1 g
Carbohydrate5,0 g
of which sugars5,0 g
Salt0,10 g
Calcium120 mg - 15% VNR*
*NRV : nutrient reference value.

Methods of disposal wrappers*:

Cap: recycling of plastic.

Brik: recycling paper.

*Always check the collection mode of your municipality

User advice:

Keep it at room temperature. Once opened, keep it in fridge and best before 3-4 days.

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