With Sterilgarda, an intolerance to lactose need not stop you from indulging in the joy of tasting or cooking appetising products and dishes.


Milk, its derivatives and gluten products underlie the Mediterranean diet. Disorders such as lactose intolerance - the sugar that some people fail to assimilate due to lack of the lactase enzyme -, gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease, however, prevent some people from being able to consume them regularly. Sterilgarda had these consumers in mind, guaranteeing that it is a GLUTENFREE brand and therefore consumable by coeliacs and those intolerant to gluten. And there’s more: it has expanded its range with LACTOSE-FREE products (less than 0.1%), aimed at those who are intolerant to it. All these products retain the precious, fundamental nutritional principles of the raw materials unchanged, allowing you to enjoy all the goodness, without deprivation and without feeling weighed down.

Special lactose-free products


Our entire range of juices (from concentrate), drinks, smoothies and fruit juices are suitable for people who are lactose INTOLERANT. Consume them without fear, enjoying their uniquely fresh flavour, or use them as a base for excellent cocktails.