Cookbook Christmas recipe

Green Lasagna with Sterilgarda Bèchamel Sauce and Mascarpone

Christmas recipe

Difficulty People Time
Easy minuti
200 g mascarpone cheese Sterilgarda
100 mL bechamel Sterilgarda
100 g parmesan grated
4 eggs hard-boiled
1/2 cup pesto genovese
500 g pasta fresh lasagna
  1. Boil the lasagna for 1 min
  2. In a bowl add Pesto and mix with Béchamel Sauce and Mascarpone
  3. Place the mixture on the bottom of the cup
  4. Add one lasagna sheet
  5. Add the mixture
  6. Place the hard-boiled egg
  7. Spread with parmesan
  8. Repeat for 3 times
  9. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 15 min
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