Cookbook First Courses

Crepes salate gamberetti e mascarpone

First Courses

Difficulty People Time
Easy 4 minuti
150 mL whole milk Sterilgarda
1 eggs
50 g butter
80 g flour
250 g mascarpone cheese Sterilgarda
500 g shrimp shelled
1 cloves garlic
j.e. chives
j.e. paprika
j.e. brandy
  1. Mix the eggs with a pinch of salt
  2. Add the milk to the flour and add the eggs
  3. Pour a ladle of dough into a non-stick pan greased with butter
  4. Cook the dough and turn
  5. Cook the shrimp in a pan with oil and garlic
  6. Deglaze the prawns with the brandy
  7. Add the mascarpone
  8. Add the chives
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