Microfiltered whole milk enriched with proteins, UHT long life

UHT Microfiltered Milk

It is a microfiltered whole milk with some extra cream in order to create en excellent cappuccino with an intense and irresistible taste and a grate creamy foam. Only good UHT Italian milk with the benefits of long-life.

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Product information:

Pack Sterilgarda Latte Microfiltrato 1000 ml

1000ml Brik Tetra Pak "Edge" with screw cap

EAN Code: 8002795002568

Ingredients: Milk

Allergens: Milk and milk products (including lactose)

Microfiltered whole UHT milk

The Microfiltration is a physical process through which the biological impurities are removed from the milk, without reducing its nutritional value and organoleptic features.

Afterwards, the milk is heat treated in a delicate way.

100% ltalian milk.

Product is meant for all people, according to their health conditions.

Average nutritional values ​​for 100ml of product

Energy69 kcal - 290 kJ
Fat3,7 g
of which saturates2,6 g
Carbohydrate5,0 g
of which sugars5,0 g
Protein4,0 g
Salt0,10 g
Calcium120 mg - 15% NRV*
*NRV : nutrient reference value.

Methods of disposal wrappers*:

Cap: recycling of plastic.

Brik: recycling paper.

*Always check the collection mode of your municipality

User advice:

Keep it at room temperature

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