Milk and Dairy Products

Taste and freshness!

The quality of our products comes from total respect for the raw material. A recent achievement is our new plant to produce micro-filtered milk which, through a natural physical process, removes the biological impurities from the milk, leaving the flavour and the nutritional values intact.

Our plant for the production of lactose-free milk (which is highly digestible) will be important for the future.

The line is completed by a range of products suited to the preparation of many recipes (such as cooking cream and béchamel) and of delicious desserts like puddings and panna cotta.

UHT Microfiltered Milk

UHT Milk

Cuor di Cappuccino

UHT Microfiltered Whole Milk


UHT Cooking Cream

UHT Whipping Cream

UHT Béchamel Sauce

Latte e Cacao

Sterilgarda Latte e Cacao

3 x 200 ml e cannuccia

Sterilgarda Latte e Cacao

3 x 125 ml e cannuccia


UHT Mascarpone

UHT Ricotta