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White lasagna with zucchini

First Courses

Difficulty People Time
Easy 4 60 minuti
1 pack lasagna fresh
500 g zucchini
300 g mozzarella
150 g ham
300 mL bechamel Sterilgarda
10 g parmesan cheese
oil frying
  1. Cook the lasagna sheets in salted water with a drop of olive oil.Cook the sheets for the time indicated in the pack. Remove the lasagna sheets with a skimmer and rest them on a canvas to dry.
  2. Drip the mozzarella (the ideal option would be to keep the dry mozzarella for a day in the fridge), then cut it into thin slices.
  3. Cut the end off the zucchini, then slice them very thin. Grill of fry them until they brown, add salt and let them rest. Now the time has come to start making the lasagna.
  4. Butter a tray and pour a cooking spoon of Sterilgarda béchamel. Lay one first layer of lasagna sheet making sure that the edges overlap. Cover with a bit of Sterilgarda béchamel and a layer of zucchini. Add a layer of ham and mozzarella. Cover with a cooking spoon of Sterilgarda béchamel, a layer of zucchini, then ham and mozzarella.
  5. Keep alternating a layer of lasagna and the filling. Finally, top with a layer of lasagna sheet. Cover the white lasagna with zucchini, Sterilgarda béchamel and a sprinkle or Parmesan cheese.
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