Lactose-free Mascarpone
250 g

Lactose-free fresh cheese made with high quality milk cream for people who can not digest lactose. Excellent to prepare delicious recipes and not only in confectionery.

Main Nutritional Values

Fat 80%
Carbohydrate 7%
Protein 13%
Energy 355 kcal - 1463 kJ
Fat 36 g
of which saturates 25 g
Carbohydrate 3,0 g
of which sugars 3,0 g
Protein 5,8 g
Salt 0,07 g
dati prodotto

250g plastic bowl closed at the top by a film and a cover

EAN Code: 8002795002384

Ingredients: Milk pasteurized cream, acidity corrector : citric acid

Allergens: Milk and milk products (including lactose) Sterilgarda

Mascarpone lactose-free (less then 0,1%)

Product obtained from warmed cream’s coagulation with citric acid; unseasoned. Lactose was split into two sugars glucose and galactose.

100% italian milk.

Product is meant for all people, according to their health conditions.

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