We got to the heart of the fruit

  • 21 December 2012

The quality of the refrigerated cabinet, with the advantages of long storage.

Sterilgarda launches “Premium”, the new line of “the juices” and “the shakes” developed with unique technologies can ensure a higher quality with an incomparable taste. All products are 100% fruit, made with pasteurization procedures that maintain unchanged the original characteristics of the raw material.

The high degree of comfort and lightness is assured by the absence of added preservatives and sugars, which affect the natural properties of the product. Suitable for any time of day, thanks to the practical packaging in Tetra Pak with screw cap, “the juices” and “the shakes” Sterilgarda are now also available in the convenient format of 200ml!

We have developed a package with a high appeal can differentiate “the juices” and “the shakes” Sterilgarda calling them the exclusive products: designed for a consumer looking for an intense taste, natural and pleasant. The elegance that combines efficiency thanks to the practical packaging in Tetra Pak with screw cap: the maximum conservation with the possibility of a flexible consumption.

A new and tastefully designed, a range of natural products, the best raw materials … an important project aimed at the consumer more aware and attentive to quality.

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