Sterilgarda is expanding its range of products without lactose

  • 29 June 2015
Lactose is the main sugar found in milk; consequently, we find it in variable concentrations in all foods produced from it or containing it as an ingredient.

The inability to digest lactose is due to the shortage of lactase, produced by the enzymes of the small intestine mucosa able to break it down into two monomers that constitute it: glucose and galactose. Due to such deficiency, when the subject assumes intolerant significant amounts of lactose-containing foods, the proportion of sugar escaped to digestion in the intestine draws liquid for osmotic effect (diarrhea), and generates gas for fermentative intervention of the local bacterial flora.

The more lactose concentrations occur in milk, yogurt and fermented milks, ice cream, in the soft cheese and butter.

The severity of lactose intolerance is proportional to lactase deficiency. It is therefore a relative concept, because different is the amount of lactose tolerated by the population; to clarify the concept with a practical example, if a person tolerate without any problem a cup of milk a day, can still complain about the annoying symptoms of lactose intolerance when consuming a liter in one breath. Similarly, some lactose intolerant people tolerate well, yogurt, some tolerate hard cheese, while others are forced to eliminate even the smallest sources of lactose.

Sterilgarda, sensitive to the increasing number of people intolerant to milk has expanded its range with products LACTOSE (less than 0.1%) and after the Lactose-free Milk “Assimil” today we have introduced two products for the kitchen: Mascarpone lactose-free in bowl 250 g. and Cooking cream lactose-free in 200 ml Tetrabrik.

Panna da Cucina Senza Lattosio Sterilgarda 200 ml
Mascarpone Sterilgarda Senza Lattosio

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