Max Biaggi signs the passing of the baton with the reigning MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo.

  • 27 January 2014

Alternation between great champions of motorcycling in the sponsorship of Sterilgarda politics, a leader in the Italian dairy sector with the claim “of well-being Sponsors.”

Jorge Lorenzo has, in fact, the new Sterilgarda testimonial with a passing of the torch that reflects the heritage of Max Biaggi with which Sterilgarda was able to share the joy of two world titles.

The world champion of MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo will be the focus of a signed marketing campaign that will leverage the Sterilgarda positive values ​​represented by the well-being and a healthy desire to compete.

“Racing is always in the heart of Sterilgarda and we think Jorge Lorenzo can better express our desire to win – says Fernando Sarzi, CEO of Sterilgarda – sport and the positive values ​​inherent in this world, they are deeply linked to the mission of our company: to offer quality products that contribute to the daily well-being. And ‘why the image of Jorge contribute in the best way to promote the concept of well-being that is the basis of company policy. ”

Sterilgarda is active in sports on several fronts and has always supported numerous realities, with a focus on youth nurseries, as well as being present alongside the great international champions. The winning pair Max Biaggi-Sterilgarda allowed, in fact, sharing many successes and that’s why Sterilgarda has decided to continue to be present in the world of motorcycle racing, alongside another great talent. The performance of Sterilgarda, to the economy, speak for themselves. In 2012 the company was able to expand its market share and launched new products related to the daily well-being, including a line of juices “pure juice” in the premium segment.

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