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The plant

The indoor production site spans over an area of approximately 400,000 m2. The potential for capacity expansion of the indoor production area is over 100%.
The Sterilgarda Alimenti facility may well be considered among the most advanced UHT tetra brick technology production and packaging plants in Italy; currently it guarantees production capacity by 1,200 tons of product every day for the milk and dairy, special product, fruit juice and beverages industries, leveraging its eight plants and 27 packaging lines.
Mascarpone (250g – 500g – 2 kg – 10 kg) and ricotta (250g – 1,5 kg – 10 kg) production is of particular interest and sees the company among the market leaders both in Italy and abroad. The production capacity of the dairy plant currently amounts to 40 tons per day for mascarpone and 15 of ricotta.
It is important to consider the constantly growing production of yoghurt and dessert, carried out on three packaging line: the first, sterile, is for long life cream, milk puddings and panna cotta packaging, the other two are high-hygiene lines for yoghurt packaging into 125 and 500-gram packages.

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