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Halfway through the Sixties a new technology was launched that, without adding any preservatives, allowed milk to be used months after packaging while maintaining most of its nutritional and organoleptic properties untouched.
The combined option to bring milk to very high temperature for a few seconds before being packaged in tetra pack packages in a sterile environment was a groundbreaking discovery for the food industry. This was a new opportunity for millions of consumers to get this primary food safely and at a cheaper price where the daily distribution of locally produced milk was missing.
In 1969 STERILGARDA ALIMENTI SPA was founded as a result of the groundbreaking discovery, and the immediate success of this new product brought to the Castiglione delle Stiviere plant a long experience in milk and dairy production as well as new competences and technologies.
THE SEVENTIES – the Seventies swathe company grow sizeably; milk and cream were the main products. They were packaged in two sizes, one still in use and called “litro base” (rectangular package), the other pyramidal and called Tetra Classic. These were also the years of the first prestigious partnerships with supermarket chains, which were also beginning to rise in those days. The dairy pioneers were also the beginners of mascarpone production, made from old tradition and currently still the cornerstone of the industrialized production cycle.
Sterilgarda is also producer of quality tomato puree, as it leverages the proximity of the Hot Break quality collection and farming sites in the Casalasco (CR), Parma and Piacenza areas.
THE EIGHTIES – The milk packaging line was enhanced as the number of Sterilgarda consumers grew; the need to automate a number of production lines became more and more vital. The drive to success led Sterilgarda to start the production and packaging of fruit juice in 200 ml packages, to later move to one-litre packages.
After a time when the so-called “succhini” were packaged in cellophane, the packaging shifted to the well-known cardboard trio, further innovating and revolutionizing the market.
The company, though, went on in its research policy and started testing milk pudding packaging in small and handy plastic cups, retaining the production of milk and fruit dessert (a type of yoghurt without lactic starters).
The company remembers this time for the birth of tomato puree, known for being used to make bloody Mary.
During the company expansion one thing never changed: old “knowledge” is jealously treasured and passed down, thus the hand production of mascarpone in canvas cloths, almost an end-of-shift hobby for the company’s cheese makers, rapidly won the trust and appreciation of Lombardy and Piedmont dairy companies that made mascarpone gorgonzola. In the Eighties this scenario allowed to lay the ground for new sizeable investments that, over a decade, saw Sterilgarda among the key players for consumer mascarpone and ricotta production.
THE NINETIES – the market demanded new products that were suitable to new lifestyles; the UHT concept was then applied to milk and fruit dessert of ready-made milk pudding, and finally to cream served in 100 g, 2-cup packages and panna cotta. Sterilgarda was the first to sell panna cotta in nationwide distribution. At the beginning of the Nineties fruit dessert made room for yoghurt production, following the trends and taste of consumers.
THE TWO THOUSANDS – Sterilgarda was never short of passion for innovation; these years saw the addition of de-lactose, Omega 3 enriched and flavoured milk production machines.
In the meanwhile the packaging market evolved towards new packages and Sterilgarda welcomed this trend with enthusiasm; it was among the first companies to adopt the new sizes or to volunteer to test the new packages: tetrabrik, slim with recap, square with stream cap, 1.5 litre tetra slim.
Since 200 Sterilgarda milk has been the “Carton with a cap”, and the success of this new trend translates to steady sales growth, to further confirm the role of Sterilgarda among the major brands in the national food industry environment.

Its cheesemaking knowledge brought the company to the production of fresh cheese spread that, as it is always the case, is prepared daily with the care and passion only traditional cheesemakers can really contribute.
The rest is recent history, with a drive to the future that has always been the company’s trademark. In 2010 Sterilgarda hit the market with a product that revolutionized the long-life industry, that is, UHT microfiltered milk.
These products had innovative features whereby all properties contained in a fresh product are retained in this long-life milk.
Sterilgarda not only revolutionized the product, but also its pack, with the addition of Tetra pack solutions and the new package Edge, featuring a larger cap and better pouring properties.

The whole product catalogue evolution was always combined with the best machinery available, which made it possible to implement volumes while optimising the costs.
To date the company features: twenty milk, juice, cream, whip cream, béchamel, sorbet base, cocoa milk and banana milk production lines, as well as twenty yoghurt, milk pudding an panna cotta production lines;
Twenty lines for mascarpone, ricotta and cheese spread production.





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